ZEISS web app My Vision Profile wins Red Dot Award

My Vision Profile, a web app that analyzes your visual habits and recommends the appropriate eyeglass lenses, recently won a Red Dot Award for Communication Design. The app is hosted on ZEISS Vision websites throughout the world, and was designed by ZEISS and the agency Neue Gestaltung.

A jury of 24 experts voted that My Vision Profile was the best in this category for 2017. The app features a simple, straightforward design with color-coded categories, which helps the user intuitively complete a survey on their visual acuity and personal lifestyle.

The app is linked directly to an ECP search and simplifies the next step for the user: the personal consultation. An ECP can then scan the result as a QR code, access the data for a one-on-one consultation, and fine-tune the recommendation so the patient gets the best possible result: custom lenses that match up to their daily needs.

Try My Vision Profile for yourself! Visit this page with your computer or phone: