ZEISS shows off the Future of Optics in Berlin

This week we hosted 2,000 eye care professionals from around the world at an event exploring the Future of Optics as envisioned by ZEISS.

Held in Berlin, the multi-day event experience featured workshops on the optical practice of the future, trends around seeing and vision, firsthand experience with using Virtual Reality in eye care, a talk with innovation expert Nick Sohnemann of FUTURE CANDY, and a peek at future eye exam tools from ZEISS.

In addition, attendees had a lot of fun! They were entertained by acrobats, tightrope walkers, and gymnasts. They took a boatride down the River Spree, rode a rollercoaster while wearing VR One Plus, and conversed with a robot named Pepper.

Of course, these forward-thinking folks shared this experience on social media. To see the event through their eyes, follow the hashtag #ZEISSfuture on Instagram or Twitter.

You can also check out blog posts from attendees Glamoptometrist (event blog post coming shortly) and Spinach and Specs.