Coming soon – a total solar eclipse

Mark your’s going to get a little dark on Monday, August 21. That’s when a total solar eclipse will be viewable across much of the United States – the first time that’s happened since 1918.

A solar eclipse is an event where the Moon moves between the Earth and Sun, blocking the Sun’s light. For a band of the U.S. from South Carolina to Oregon, this will be a total eclipse event, with the Sun completely blocked and a corona visible instead. For the rest of the country, a still-impressive partial eclipse will be visible.

It should be no surprise ZEISS is cooking up something special to celebrate this celestial event. People have been looking to the heavens with ZEISS lenses for as long as we’ve made them. ZEISS camera lenses even went to the moon. And ZEISS brings the skies down to you with our planetarium projectors.

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