How do you relax your eyes? Show us & win a $300 spa gift card!

There’s so much in the world that makes our eyes feel tired, dry, and red. Staring at computer screens, switching focus from near to far, working in fluorescent lighting, wearing contact lenses– it’s enough to make your eyes feel like two orbs of hot salt covered by a pair of dead leaves.

So what do you do to make your eyes feel refreshed?

ZEISS would like to help you relax those peepers. Show us how you relax your eyes by posting a photo of it on Instagram. Tag your photo with #energizemesweepstakes and @zeissvision, and you’ll be entered to win a drawing for a $300 spa gift card!

Just show us how you make your eyes feel cool and fresh. Maybe you apply wet tea bags, sliced cucumbers, or cold spoons. Maybe you meditate, or nap, or stare at fish in an aquarium. Heck, maybe you play Call of Duty: Black Ops. Everybody’s different!

One way you can relax your eyes is to take out your contacts and put on glasses with a new kind of lens, ZEISS EnergizeMe. It was specially developed to refresh the eyes of contact lens wearers. The design accommodates the usual eye movements of contacts wearers, who tend to move their eyes when they focus, not their heads. We’ve added a boost of reading power in the near zone, combined with DuraVision BlueProtect AR coating. This supports your vision when you do what most people do at the end of the day—look at your phone or tablet.

Get your photo posted by June 30th to be entered in the drawing. And encourage your patients to enter! We’ll announce a winner in July.

Open to U.S. citizens only;  18+ at the time of entry. VOID WHERE PROHIBITED. Ends 6/30/17. Official rules: