Got optical questions? Ask ZEISS

One of the things that’s great about working for ZEISS is that you’re surrounded by experts. Each has their specialty—one may be well-versed in coatings, another in eyeglass lens manufacturing, another in progressives design, another in visual complaints and how different lenses can address them, and yet another on how to clean your lenses safely.

But our experts don’t just work for us. They work for you, too! So we are throwing open the floor to questions for the experts from you, our readers. Consider it the DailyOptician version of a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything).

So what do you want to know?

  • About ZEISS
  • About eyeglass lenses and coatings
  • About manufacturing processes
  • About patient complaints like digital eye strain, poor night vision, vision while driving, vision in the office, vision while reading
  • About lens maintenance and cleaning
  • About marketing your practice, digital and otherwise

We will answer all questions by email, and include the best questions and their answers in a future blog post.

Don’t be shy! Submit your questions in the comments box below, or email them to