A mission to save sight: Dr. Moes Nasser

Have you ever met someone who is so committed to saving sight, it makes you proud to work in this industry? Here at ZEISS, we are privileged to know quite a few people like that, but today we’d like to highlight a very special one: Dr. Moes Nasser.

Dr. Nasser is an optometrist in Houston, Texas and has been in practice for 34 years. He is a loyal customer of ZEISS, hosting the first i.Profiler in the U.S. at his practice, and serving on our optometric advisory board. But his backstory, and the mission it compelled him to undertake, is truly inspirational. He shared it with employees of ZEISS at our recent National Sales Meeting.

Dr. Nasser was born in Tanzania, a country which has very few eye doctors per capita. Professional eye care is beyond the reach of most Tanzanians, particularly those in rural areas. Dr. Nasser himself suffered from poor eyesight as a child, which went uncorrected until an Optometry Giving Sight mission came to his village and fitted him with glasses.

So impactful was this gift of sight, it altered the course of his life. He pursued an education in optometry, was accepted at the University of Houston, and graduated with his D.O. in 1982. He went on to open 3 practices in the Houston area, participate in both state and national optometric associations, and serve as Vision Source administrator for the Houston area.

But as involved as he was in with his patients in Texas, Dr. Nasser never forgot about the great need for vision care in his homeland. So every 6-10 months, he leads a mission trip back to Tanzania, rallying eye care professionals and corporate partners to help prevent blindness and vision impairment by simply providing a standard eye exam and a pair of glasses.

The logistics of accomplishing such a mission trip once, not to mention with regularity, are simply enormous. Airfare to such a remote area is expensive. The need for eye care professionals is overwhelming, with only one optometrist for every 2 million people. And seeing extreme poverty up close can be hard to face.

But Dr. Nasser has a unique perspective that helps him overcome all obstacles. He understands what a miracle good vision can be, because he used to be that child whose life was changed by an eye exam and a pair of glasses. Not only has he made these mission trips a reality, serving thousands of patients each time, his fundraising led to the opening of the Bariadi Clinic, not far from the village where he was born.

Dr. Nasser’s efforts make a huge difference to those he reaches, but there is still much left to do. His latest goal is to raise $100,000 to create a mobile eye care unit, which can serve even more remote areas than ever before.

We’d like to thank Dr. Nasser for sharing his inspiring story with us. You can read more about his medical mission trips on the Vision Source Willowbrook website.

Would you like to donate to make Dr. Nasser’s mobile eye care unit a reality? You can do so on his Optometry Giving Sight fundraising page.