Infographic helps you talk to your patients about blue light

With the new heavy use of digital devices all day long, people are subjecting their eyes to blue light in amounts they never did before. Experts have linked this portion of the light spectrum to insomnia and eye conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts.

It’s clear that we need to talk to our patients about blue light and the protection available to them, like ZEISS DuraVision BlueProtect. But how do you start the conversation?

ZEISS has developed a free blue light infographic, a large print version of which is available to you to hang in your practice. It states what we know about the harmful effects of blue light on patients’ eyes and sleep cycle, and what they can do to protect them.Patients who have blue light concerns will then be reminded to talk to you and their eye docor about them, and when discussing their eyeglass coating options, will be reminded to add BlueProtect.

See the full infographic on Pinterest, and feel free to pin it or share it on your practice’s Facebook or Twitter account.

And if you’d like a professionally printed, 18” x 24” version for your practice, just ask your ZEISS representative.