Progressive lenses for a digital world: ZEISS introduces new Precision Portfolio

Did you know that the mobile digital devices we use every day make our eyes work harder? We hold digital screens higher and closer to our eyes than print media, and our eye movements when reading them are fast, dynamic, and continuous. Standard progressive lenses are not designed for comfortable viewing of these devices, causing symptoms of Digital Eye Strain for many wearers.

To combat this, ZEISS has come out with a new line of progressive lenses called Precision Portfolio. All four lenses in the line include Digital Inside® Technology, a new approach to lens design that accounts for the typical reading position of digital devices. The near zone is extended vertically and horizontally for comfortable reading of all media, whether print or digital, and relief from Digital Eye Strain.

Precision Portfolio also includes lenses with ZEISS exclusive technology that optimizes the lens design for your chosen frame, for the parameters of your face, for pupil size in day and night conditions, and for your daily activities. All of these benefits are included in our flagship progressive lens, Individual 2.

Want more details? Visit our webpage or ask your ZEISS rep about Precision Portfolio Progressive Lenses!