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Resolve to Go Bilingual in 2016

At Transitions Optical, we’re big on research—both in and out of the lab. We have more than 80 R&D scientists who are dedicated to pushing the limits of photochromic technology and developing new testing methodologies to improve our lenses. We are also always asking eyecare professionals and patients what they want when it comes to lens performance and opinions on what they expect from their eyecare professional. 

A 2015 survey showed that the majority of ethnic minorities believe it’s a sign of respect when an eyecare professional offers educational materials that are bilingual or in-language. Luckily, Transitions Optical offers a wide range of tools, programs and resources to help you better serve culturally diverse patients – and they are available free of charge at:

See something you like? All materials are digital and downloadable. But, of course, for anyone who likes to hold old school hard copies, we send materials right to your door, too—and yes, that’s all free

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