5 years later

5 years ago I went from a local regional chain known for low prices , where sales volume was the number one concern to a private practice that patient care is the number one concern. It was a very scary transition. I worked for the the best group of coworkers I had ever known. We were a well polished machine. I adored my doctors, two of whom are still good friends of mine, to a very prestigious practice and was completely intimidated. On my first day I worked with the husband of the couple who owns the practice. I had no idea what to expect. All I knew of them other than professional reputation was that they use to live next door to my in-laws when my husband was young. I walked in and Dr. Steve cracked a joke, I instantly felt better-he is sarcastic.....this was good, as I am too!

Fast forward to 5 years later...I am now ABOC certified, I am a leader in the company, I am valued, appreciated and well respected in my local area. As a little thank you for my service this far the Mrs. to the Doctor team that owns us Dr. Brenda posted a pic of me on our Facebook page. The response from my patients was amazing both here and on my personal Facebook page. It is staggering to think that I could make an impact to so many of my local community peeps. How lucky am I? Here's to another 5 years of working with my super awesome group of friends, that I also get to call my coworkers, serving the community I love, and having fun!