Just Breathe

Once upon a time in a place far away....scratch that, about 7 1/2 years ago I fell into optics. I started at a regional chain as a receptionist, then became a tech/pretester, then started to train as an optician. After about 2 1/2 years at the chain I was at I realized I wanted to make more of a difference in optics than just being a top seller, so after a talk with a close friend, who's also an optician, I applied at the small private practice in my hometown. At first I was completely intimidated, my optical experience was almost nothing at all, and they did so much more than I even imagined an optician could do. At times I thought I'd never get it all. And with the help of the Honey Badger (see previous blog titled 'Honey Badger') and her constant help, and patience with not only catching my constant mistakes (that still may happen) but teaching me how to correct them and really taking me under her wing I finally became a decent optician. With the encouragement of the Doctors I even became certified, and now I am the Optical Coordinator for all three offices. So, to all you newbies out there, just breath, no one is an instant expert, and knowledge in my experience comes from messing things up and making mistakes. When these mistakes happen, admit you were wrong, look your coworkers, employers and patients in the eye, get use to being uncomfortable and apologize. After the apology use the mistake as a lesson and learn from it. Even though it's hard not to don't dwell on it, just keep showing up and someday you'll be the one that the newbies go to for answers, and to help fix their mistakes, but never forget to be patient. Until you're there just breath.