I <3 My Visioffice

A couple years ago my awesome Doctors purchased us the Visioffice. At the time it was a brand new technology. Some of the opticians on staff at that time were really against the purchase, and even refused to learn to use it, I on the other hand had came from a practice that had the Zeiss version of this and knew what kind of awesomeness this was. I was beside myself with excitement, and when it arrived I soaked up everything I could in the short training we had on it. The main think I took from Dave (the dude who installed it from Essilor) was 'You can't mess it up, so just mess with it, that's the only way you'll learn what it can do.' So that's what I did. 4 years later and I still love it, use it daily and have techno-envy from all my friends who don't have one at their office (yes, I'm surrounded by opticians and OD's in my personal life too). Some of my favorite features are not just the measurements it can take but I love to use it to show patients the difference in thickness and weight using it, or the difference custom measurements can make with their specific RX, or the difference between our progressives (Varilux) and the '2 for 1' Dirty Discounter's cheap lenses. Or even the difference a polarized lens can make in different situations. I could to on and on. The main thing I love about it is the experience I can give a patient. Personally it is aggravating to me that 'Luxury Boutiques' concentrate so much on frames that they forget lenses, I feel like this is a real let down for the patients. By using cutting edge technology I can take that Luxury Frame to a higher level and make them not only super stylish, but have an unmatched visual experience. That my friends it the true term of Luxury, fashion, function and most of all experience.