We're kind of a big deal around here

Being an optician in a small town has it's definite advantages, like having a personal connection to each and every patient you see day in and out. I'm sure you're waiting for me to give you a disadvantage, but honestly there really aren't' any coming to mind. I am lucky because like most opticians I know, I LOVE my job. But I can honestly say I also LOVE my practice, my coworkers, my doctors and most of all my patients, and that my friends is what makes me so lucky. 

Recently we won a small award for our region put on by a local newspaper, and to some this may not be much, but to me I know there are specific patients who rooted us on and voted for us, and for that this is truly an honor. We have been voted 'Best of the Best' for our 'Michiana' area (Michigan+Indiana=Michiana). Now, just in one area of Michiana by Notre Dame there is 14 opticals (yes mostly chains) in a 1 mile radius. We're about 20 minutes from that area and yet the competition doesn't effect us as much as you'd think. We'd like to believe that it's because of the quality of our service and product as well as the personal attention to each patient's needs. As far as this little award says we're winning the battle. Go Private Practitioners!