What's it to you?

I listen to the people around me everyday talk about their loves, passions, pains, stresses. As I listen to the world it makes me reflect on my own world. Let me begin by saying no day is perfect, there is always something to fix, figure out or catch up on, but at the end of everyday I know I feel fulfilled by my time I spent away from my family, and that is my silver lining.

I am an optician in a small town, for a private practice, glamorous huh?! But seriously, where else can you be artsy and create a functional accessory that is beautiful AND truly improves someone's days? OR get to learn all about new and interesting technology, hang out with awesome co-workers who share your <3 of being a geek, holding doors for elderly women who you just helped feel confident and beautiful....or seeing a child see the individual leaves out your window for the first time?

This industry can be so trying at times, managed care, insurance coverage's, ICD-10 codes, EHR....but my point is we have to focus on the joy, the fulfillment we have to make it great, because in the end this is one of the industries that we can, we have the choice to be great so why not?