How do you prefer your #polarization?

I am a pretty active outdoorsy type of Girl, especially with hobbies like fishing, hiking, and my kids show quite a bit in our local fair, so I prefer Brown/Rose, it gives me the relief from the bright sun, but brightens the water of the river I prefer to fish on and as I go in and out of barns, at a show or at home it's light enough that I can still see indoors.

I live in Southwest Michigan and our corner of the world has a lot of people such as myself that are pretty outdoorsy as well. I find partly due to my recommendation that brown or the Maui Rose seem to be our most commonly picked. However, in the winter months yellow, amber & Maui HT lenes do get quite some action due to our beloved Lake Effect Snow (yes that was sarcasm).

Gray is also what I recommend to fishermen who frequent Lake Michigan, as a secondary pair sometimes according to how frequently they choose 'The Big Lake' to spent their free time.

I know we've all seen the color vs activity polar color charts, but what is your top color of choice & in sales and why?