Personal Interest In Our Clients

There are still a lot of people that come in that I haven't worked with in the past. So naturally, I spend a little more time educating them regarding their lens Rx and options. So many people do not realize that we can do so much with only one prescription. Yes, everyone should have a general all purpose pair of glasses, then we discuss other options for their vision needs.  Usually they are blown away that they get choices. We all know that not everyone will buy everything, but a lot of times, many will be delighted to have a work pair, or bike pair, etc. - You know the options!

Another bonus about talking about lifestyle, is that you get to learn a lot about people. People are interesting and sometimes you find you have common connections and interests. Yeah, sometimes it is hectic at work and we don't get to visit as much as we would like, but taking some interest in people usually keeps them coming back.

All of this brings about a confidence in our optical from a consumers point of view. We are very happy with that, and it usually helps our bottom line too.