I am new to Daily Optician, so I thought I would first tell you a little about myself to start. My first thought about being an optician was in 10th grade English. I don't remember if we were given a project on career ideas or how the idea came, but it was there nonetheless, so I started working in an optical shop while working through college. Fast forward about 30 some odd years later, this field was the best choice for me. Blending science and fashion is a natural fit for an Optician, my degree is in Biology, and well, I like fashion. I have worked as a Certified Ophthalmic Tech (COT) for an Ophthalmologist for a few years, but discovered my true love as working as an Optician, so here I am again. I do specialize in low vision optical aids as a result of my years as a COT, so I do that in my spare time in addition to my day job. I love how technology has changed since my early days in Optical. That does keep our field exciting! I am licensed as an Optician in the Natural State of Arkansas, married to my high school sweetie, we have 2 kids and 2 dogs.