Enjoy the Opportunity

It always amazes me how many large retail offices simply refuse to do repairs on eyewear! It is really surprising to me since I believe all opticians possess the skills to do needed repairs. And I am not talking about difficult stuff here, I'm talking about simple things like temple tips, temple replacement , nosepad posts, drilling out broken screws, hinge replacements. I get that some facilities don't have equipment to do solder repairs, but come on people, these are not, and should not be considered throw away items!! 

Not at $400.00 to $800.00!! and often times the eyewear are not even 2 years old. We should be servicing our patients better than this.

Actually, I shouldn't mind because they all come to me and we save the day and most likely win them over FOREVER. So, I guess I should pipe down and enjoy the opportunity....