I Want What My Insurance COVERS!

Image / Matthew Wiebe

Image / Matthew Wiebe

Who here hasn’t heard this phrase? It can certainly be a challenge to move clients beyond the idea to just get what’s covered and to not make them feel bad because you aren’t necessarily thrilled about their vision plan. In my experience, changing the narrative around the subject can make all the difference and leave clients feeling great about their choice!

Often, your clients have been putting x amount of dollars into their vision plan and don’t want to spend anything out of pocket. They come to you expecting certain frames because that’s what they have been told will be ‘free’ for them. Next time you hear those 6 dreaded words, consider this angle:

“Wow, you have an amazing plan. You must work for a fantastic company. Not many of our clients have this great of a plan. Your plan CONTRIBUTES (not covers) $150 towards your eyewear purchase today. You will get excellent value on a beautiful pair of frames, complete with the best digital lenses for your eyes. What a wonderful plan.”

You may get push back…

“But I was told that my glasses would be covered for free. I’m only interested in those glasses. Where are they?”

“Yes, we used (or possibly still do) to carry those frames and actually had quite a bit of success with them. The problem is, they are now being mass-produced to COVER all of their vision plan clients (now wearing the same frames). For this reason we’re concerned there may be a change in quality and have since decided not to carry them in our optical (or encourage our clients to seek out frames with a higher quality). We want our clients in a product that will hold over time since your purchase of eyewear is such an investment for you. I’d love to show you our unique and compelling independent frame lines that are constructed with superb quality.”

Whether you sell budget, middle-of-the-road, or high-end frames, use this angle to educate your clients.

And remember: covers are for cuddling…not for third-party insurance plans.

Tim SlapnicherComment