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(Image / Antoine Beauvillain)

(Image / Antoine Beauvillain)

DailyOptician invites opticians to share in the month of April! This is a complimentary service for passionate opticians that would like to connect with industry professionals at the highest level.  Share what you care most about:

  • products and services you love
  • ways to foster a positive work culture
  • lab talk
  • fashion-fashion-fashion
  • marketing ideas
  • photos of your beautiful optical or amazing frame displays
  • words of encouragement
  • eyewear ideas for kids
  • things you're doing to help our profession
  • information about educational opportunities
  • ideas to boost sales
  • using social media to promote your optical
  • interesting stories about your team and clients
  • and on and on and on!

Only One Rule

Keep it positive! Focus on solutions instead of problems. What are the great things about our industry? What do you love about being an optician?


You have to love being an optician
You must work in an independent optical
You must live anywhere in the world : )


  • Send a story to: Tim@DailyOptician.com
  • In the subject of your email: guest blogger
  • In the body of the email make sure to include your name and the name and location of your optical
  • Attach an original image (one that you take with a camera or smartphone) to the attachment part of the email

Next Steps...

We will contact you via email to let you know when your story will be published on DailyOptician's:

Join the independent optical revolution!

Influence and inspire those committed to raising the bar for an even better optical future!

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