Where is the Warmth?!

Mondays. You’re feeling a bit sluggish after experiencing a fulfilling weekend, maybe thinking of all the things you have to do this week at work. You know that you’ll encounter grumpy and perhaps whiny clients sometime over the course of the week. Your coworker will probably annoy you at some point, maybe come in late or ask to leave earlier than normal. Your lab might have a couple of late jobs. And, a client may ask for their prescription to buy their eyewear online…and leave. When you look at it this way, yes: Mondays. Are. Rough.

As I hunkered down in my cozy basement yesterday to watch the Minnesota Vikings football game (more on this later…), I heard the tv commentator share that a jump from 72 degrees to 90 degrees gives people the same sluggish feeling they would experience on a Monday morning. For the most part, they were trying to show contrast of the frigid cold weather experienced yesterday in MN (maybe this is better than a super warm day!). But, on the other hand, they were trying to point out that Mondays can be a drag.

The comparison didn’t quite do it for me, as I had to venture out in the -6 (feeling like -25) degree weather to run to the store for some game day snacks. I would have happily taken the warmth myself. 90 degree weather seemed quite appealing while basking in the painfully cold elements of my home state.

Speaking of pain, the game didn’t help much either. As our kicker missed a chip shot field goal to probably win the game, you could feel the hurt in MN. These fans, the brave souls they are, took a leap of faith heading to the stadium in hopes their team would prevail. When your team wins, maybe it doesn’t feel too cold. When they lose? Worst. Feeling. Ever…you can really feel the artic air, as you know you team is done until next year.

The funny thing with fans (myself included) is that they come prepared to will their team to victory. If I yell loud enough, wear my team jersey, bring my lucky feather, maybe even wear my lucky underwear, our team may just pull off the upset.

You soon realize you don’t have much control over the situation. It does help when you make loud noises for your team to a certain point, getting that home-field advantage working for you. However, the players and coaches are the ones that really have control. They call the plays, execute them, score, get a turnover, fumble (gulp), make a big tackle or commit a penalty. I suppose in the end, your lucky underwear doesn’t have much to say in the outcome of the game. You’re there with your team jersey and SUPER warm clothes, only to witness a heartbreaker.

Then you realize that tomorrow is Monday. Instead of celebrating in victory, you are starting to think about the long lines to leave the stadium, walking the long and cold walk to your vehicle, dealing with the worst traffic jam ever, encountering some super negative fans and other non-celebratory thoughts. Oh, right, tomorrow is also Monday. I’m going to get home late, thaw out my toes, throw out this “lucky” underwear and turn my mind over to the workweek. Seriously, though, how did we lose that game?! Maybe I should have worn my other jersey?

The “cool” thing (see what I did there) about getting back to Monday at work is that you do have some control. Sure, the complaining, whining, grumpy people mixed with the late lab job, broken frame, and fleeting client won’t be too uplifting. However, you do have control over how you are going to tackle the week.

Breathe, smile, pull up your sleeves, and map out your “gameplan” (I’m on a roll…) for the week. You can choose to bring sunshine to someone’s day. You have the power to help your coworker work through some personal things. You can sell multiple pairs and tons of sunwear this week. You can educate your client on why it’s better for them to purchase their eyewear from you. You don’t have to fumble through the week.

Bring the warmth to your optical shop. You have more control over your week than you thought. Mondays aren’t that bad.

Ok, they’re not the greatest, but hey, you can do it!

For us cold and disappointed Viking’s fans? There’s always next year…AND we will have a brand-new, indoor stadium! Warmth galore.

Tim Slapnicher2 Comments