i belieb in you...kind of

My (almost) 7 year old son loves puzzles. Like, almost too much.  I never really got into puzzles when I was younger, but have enjoyed the quality dad & son time while we tackle a new puzzle together. Most of the puzzles we've done thus far are Star Wars related (his recent love) or some sort of cartoon movie scene (think Toy Story, etc.). These puzzles are pretty fun 50-200 piece puzzles that we'll finish in an hour or two.

Recently, we were checking out local garage sales and came across a 1,000 piece bird puzzle (selfishly, I was hoping he didn't see it...a 1,000 piece bird puzzle seemed like cruel and unusual punishment to me). His eyes lit up when he saw the big number...1,000!  We'd never done THAT before. Dad, let' do this!!

I kind of stashed the puzzle away when we got home, hoping he might forget all about it...I know, I sound awful. My thoughts were that if we got this out, I'd end up having to do it all and it would sit on our kitchen table for way too long...and that's just far too much birding for me.

Welp. Today was the day he found the puzzle and boy, was he excited. We had a fairly busy weekend and thought this day would be better than any to do the bird puzzle as all of the kiddos needed some major down-time. We cracked open the puzzle...and finished it about 5 hours later! Out of the 1,000 pieces, I probably did about 50 of them. The kid went to town! 

I realized that I've definitely put assumptions and limits on what I think my son can or cannot do. Whether it's legos, playing soccer or doing puzzles, I'm always amazed at what does.

Do you work with anyone that you've put limits on? Don't be afraid to stand back and let them fly :)