Brand Stories

Are you often bombarded with ad banners when visiting websites?  

We want to take a different approach for our site. No more ads! We will be featuring Brand Stories on DailyOptician as a way for brands to connect to opticians. Our goal is to give you an in-depth look at the brands you love. 

Brands will have their own cover page, micro-site, and blog on DailyOptician. You will gain easy access to their websites, social media platforms, and contact information. Brands will be submitting a minimum of one story per week. This may include: product launches, deals, promotions, and contests, research articles, videos, tips on educating patients about them, inside looks at their team, technological insights, design process, etc. Brand Stories will be archived, so you will end up experiencing 52 of them throughout the year! We want you to "feel" their brand and what they are all about.

You will be connecting with brands in unique ways that will help you make more informed decisions when bringing in new frame lines or lenses. We are excited to work with sponsors to help support our website, but also to give back to you...more on that tomorrow!

Is there a brand or company that you'd love to see on DailyOptician? Is there a brand that other optical professionals need to know about? Have them send me an email ( and we'll feature them! ~ Timmy 

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