What's Up, Everybody?!

Much Love

Thank you very much for sharing in January! Absolutely incredible posts--every single morning we get to see and read the most amazing stories from passionate and dedicated optical professionals around the country. Truly inspiring!

We are influenced by your stories--both the highs and lows.  Ideas shared on DailyOptician help your peers and their businesses succeed quickly.

Sneak Peek

February is looking fantastic for meeting some new opticians across America. This upcoming month introduces you to DailyOptician's first mobile optician, a talented young artist, the President of the Optician's Association of America and many more amazingly talented opticians.

Stay tuned...DailyOptician will introduce you to some new frame lines, creative ways to educate and connect with your community, some unique Valentine's Day promotions and much more!


Please continue to refer hardworking, passionate opticians to DailyOptician. Our plan is to check-in monthly with 365-opticians to see how everyone is doing.  Our goal is to eventually have 13 original posts per day!

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Moving Forward

The first 28-days of each month will be filled with posts from DailyOpticians. We will try and reserve the 29th, 30th and 31st for recaps and news breaks. 

Tomorrow, we will introduce you to our very first sponsor and share how we will use stories (not ads!) to connect you to your favorite brands!

Keep it rockin' and continue to Influence and Inspire ~ Tim ;)