Where Is Your Men's Section?

We have changed up how we group our frames in our optical gallery. We used to have a men's wall, a corner for sunwear, and the women's was everywhere else.

We now display our frames by collection and have enjoyed how it looks and love how all of our clients are viewing more frames and loving our deeper collections.

We will arrange them by color or style within the collection, but I feel it gives our brands more awareness and power. We also cut down on the number of frame lines we carry. Where we once had 8-12 pieces of a whole bunch of frame lines (we had over 2,000 frames through about 30 reps), we now have about 700 frames with 11 reps, going deeper (24-50 frames) with each collection.

Make a plan. Carry frames that you love and commit to more numbers to represent them. Know the brands like the back of your hand. Fall in love with them and beautify your client base with amazing product.