Infographic Fanatic

Since entering the wild world of eyewear in 2010, my addiction to eyewear has grown exponentially. Though impossible to fit all of my past frames into one infographic, I thought it'd be fun to incorporate my favorites in a timeline view. I love the way it shows the evolution of my optical wardrobe!

Once I get the hang of this, I'd love to create specialized versions for some of our long-time patients. Or if you work in an office with a team of opticians, it could be fun to have each optician make a timeline (doesn't have to be an infographic) to display their favorite frames from the past!

We are always searching for new ways to connect with our millennial clientele and infographics seem to be a staple on every social media platform. For those of you that are less experienced with infographics (like myself) an infographic is: a visually engaging (usually digital) way to display information quickly and clearly. It can include graphs, quotes, figures and pictures; creativity knows no bounds! The infographic above was created on

Other free infographic websites that I have found to be useful:

Here's another example of a more information-based infographic created using I decided to take a closer look at our online presence and create an eye catching design highlighting our strong points. I would have loved to show more long-term results to display other options (in terms of graphs), but I'm really happy with the simplicity of the message.

What do you guys think? Any feedback?