DailyOptician is an invaluable tool for all opticians. As soon as you visit the site you realize that all of the opticians are legit and truly passionate about their jobs. It’s exciting to be a part of DailyOptician and to see this great idea in its early stages.
— Marlon Wilson
DailyOptician is a great way to connect with other opticians all around the country. You get to step into the world of optics through another opticians eyes. Its a great way to be able to learn from so many other people in this field. DailyOptician allows you to get awesome ideas on marketing your brand while also helping you to brush up on your dispensing, adjusting, and lens design knowledge! A wonderful tool to interact virtually with others, DailyOptician is the best site I have found for opticians to unite and help each other grow.
— Katie Lauver
DailyOptician is a wonderful way for opticians who are truly passionate about the profession to share thoughts, ideas, and suggestions. What a great resource.
— Andrew S. Bruce
DailyOptician connects different types of optical professionals from across the country in one place and it’s a dream come true for someone like myself in a more rural area. This industry is so broad and seemingly endless so it’s exciting to have one forum where a multitude of topics are covered (even things not so optical related). I love being a part of DailyOptician because it not only allows me to express my creativity, but I love that I can draw inspiration from other professionals in the field.
— Heather Stearns
The value in our affiliation with DailyOptician can be measured by putting into practice the ideas, practice procedures, and thought-provoking blog posts that we read daily. DailyOptician is an invaluable resource for our team and highly suggest it to all eye care professionals who desire to be the best at their craft.
— Marcus McNeill
The DailyOptician is a wonderful site that both allows me to connect with other opticians and share my own experiences. It’s so nice to have such a welcoming community, open to new ideas and one that craves new insights. I am so excited about some of the upcoming opportunities that The DailyOptician will afford to it’s users and I’m proud to be a part of something so positive. I think it’s so important to have outlets like this to learn from each other and I couldn’t be happier to be a contributor! Thanks to everyone at The DailyOptician!
— Tiffany Welch
DailyOptician is a valuable resource that allows opticians from around the country to connect and share insights. It is a community with a focus on our industry that I come to for inspiration and to develop my own writing skills as an optician and blogger.
— Daniel Brunson
DailyOptician is a great opportunity to see what creative opticians are doing daily to create an experience for their patients. It is valuable education to see what is trending around the nation from 365 passionate opticians. I used to have “Field Trip Friday” to snoop out local optical competition to see what creative ideas, frame lines and tricks of the trade the local market was using. I am now able to see great optical ideas from coast to coast without leaving the comfort of my home thanks to DailyOptician.
— LaRae Fischer
I have enjoyed reading about Opticians around the country and what unique things they are doing with marketing and practice building. Not all Opticians are created equally and DailyOptician has been a great resource for ideas and to collaborate with others that we may have never met otherwise. I love their idea of videos in the future! It would be a great icebreaker to help those who would like to do videos but lack the confidence to do so.
— Carissa Dunphy
As the profession and Craft of Opticianry seems to fade into the sunset, DailyOptician supplements the light lost by helping tell the stories of the folks who were “Bee Stung” by the profession early on when it was respected by the eyeglass wearing public. Short years from now, there may not be a third “O”.
— Bob Schulze
When Tim first reached out to me about the DailyOptician Blog, I thought it was brilliant and couldn’t wait to get started! In life, I strive to surround myself with people who know more than me and who will push me to meet and exceed my potential. Why not surround and immerse myself in a world of optical experts in hopes of gleaning from them new stuff that I haven’t thought of? What’s working out there in the real world of opticians and what isn’t? The writing commitment is minimal and also gives me a moment to pause and think about what I have done that is worthy of contributing. How can I make an impact on my fellow opticians? What can I share to improve our industry nationwide? We face challenging times with internet sites and chain stores becoming increasingly more competitive for our patient’s business. Having an opportunity to learn how others are dealing with these changes and having an opportunity to share with them what works for us is terrific. Why re-invent the wheel?
— Susan Halstead
I’ve enjoyed being part of the DailyOptician because it is such a unique site, it is a one of a kind forum for Opticians to share not only best practices but also to celebrate successes. It is a fun and inspiring site that encourages us to be our best and that allows Opticians from around the country to support one another in trying to be as amazing as possible! Yay for the DailyOptician!
— Johnna Dukes
DailyOptician builds community. It can get quite lonely out there in the optical world and knowing that I belong to this community is comforting.

DailyOptician informs me about the latest and greatest. I believe that independent opticians will have to get much more versatile in their frame buying. There are very creative, talented frame designers out there building a fabulous product. It is hard for an individual optician to know about them all.

DailyOptician gives me access to a much broader knowledge base.

DailyOptician is a research source for me. As a presenter of education hours I can detect what opticians real concerns are and how it may be addressed in a CE hour.

DailyOptician is entertaining; pretty pictures, funny stories.

DailyOptician inspires me to try something new; take somebody else’s experience and apply it to my work life. Interesting, it mostly works.
— Maggie Sayers
I read DailyOptician because I want to be inspired and inspirited by others in my field. I contribute because I want to influence others to see the value and merit in what they do. I’ve learned so many great things from other opticians on DailyOptician and I look forward to learning so much more.
— Lori Fender
Being included in a group of talented and knowledgeable people like those featured on DailyOptician is an honor. Honestly, the simple act of trying to think of what to post on my blog any given week is inspiring. This blog has pushed me to open my mind and get creative. The idea that someone might look at a display that I designed or read a story about my experience, pushes me to be a better optician.
— Alison Rolli
I enjoy seeing all the ideas that we get to kick around.
— James Ledere
I’ve been in the Optical field now for 6 months, and after conferences, meetings with reps, working with insurances, volunteering at schools, and meeting other people from different offices, 6 months is NOT long at all. There is sooo much that goes into Optical, and it is always changing. I’ve really enjoyed DailyOptician to see perspectives from people in the optical field who range from 6 months to over 30 years. I love hearing other Optician’s feelings, thoughts, and opinions, and knowing that issues, excitements, and various ups and downs happens in all practices not just mine. :) I’ve had fun looking at posts and reading blogs. Thanks DailyOptician for a place for opticians to connect and take a little break to read about other optician’s experiences.
— Cassie Carlson