Blue Light Protection

As we learn more and more about the dangers that exposure to blue light can cause, we have begun recommending specific products to in order to protect our patients eyes and health.

My personal favorite are Thera Blue Lenses by Luzerne optical. The material absorbs 90% of Blue Light as opposed to the blue light coatings that simply reflect 25% of blue light. There is no tint to the lenses and they are compatible with AR coatings.

We see kids in our waiting room on Mom's smart phone playing games or with their own tablet watching a movie and holding the devices 6-12 inches from their faces. Kids tend to have dilated pupils so that even more blue light is absorbed by their retinas. These kids may not need glasses to correct their acuities but we feel strongly that they should wear blue-blocking lenses to protect their eye health and their general health and well-being.

Since blue light interrupts the body's ability to produce melanin, we are seeing more and more patients complaining of sleep disturbances. We have parents giving their children melatonin as a sleep aid. Kids that don't sleep well are most likely to have behavioral issues during the day.

Patients at risk of developing AMD will also benefit from blue blocking lenses, since blue light has been linked to early onset of AMD. This includes women, Caucasians and smokers along with people who have a family history.

It is our responsibility to educate and provide quality eyewear and the best possible visual solution for each and every one of our patients. Educating our patients builds loyalty and will likely also increase product sales. A win for the patients and a win for the practice!