Utilizing Social Media for Marketing

The good news is that if you are reading this, you are already aware of utilizing social media to market your practice! Hopefully, I can share something with you that we are doing that perhaps you haven't thought of yet!

We realized a few years ago that most of the new families moving into our area that would be looking for our services are employed by a large technology company. Specifically a chip manufacturing business. The employees are typically engineers (yay!) and well educated with high incomes. How do we insure that they pick our office to obtain their services? Especially challenging in light of the fact that we don't participate in their offered vision plan (VSP) because we are not a doctor owned practice.

We spent a lot of time (and money) on updating the look of our web site. That is how this audience selects services and goods. Period. If we don't grab them with our website, we have lost our best opportunity to capture them.

We bill medically. This means their examination will be covered regardless of their hardware coverage. Why do we want to see patients for examination and not sell them glasses? We offer services not covered by anyone's insurance. Previously, we were known as the Vision Therapy practice and now we are marketing to ortho-k patients. If we do an amazing job with the children of engineers, they will come. Insurance is not an obstacle to parents with disposable incomes when it comes to their children.

We also carry exclusive designer and "technically-cool" frame lines that are a wow factor to this audience.

We partner with Demand Force and notify them via text messages and email, again the preferred communication method of this demographic.

Demand Force enables us to collect reviews and instantly make them available via Facebook and Tweets.

We hold regular on-line contests coupled with at events and in office and announce the contest winners through our social media pages along with their pictures and tag them. (With their permission)

We provide an on-line store to direct ship contact lenses at no charge and we match pricing of 1 (800) Contacts.

When the patient is in our office they are greeted warmly and handle personally and professionally every step of the way.

They have an experience with staff that is truly enjoyable and memorable.