Promoting Health and Wellness

I have been involved with the Chamber of Commerce for a number of years and most recently served as the Chair of the Board of directors. As my term came to a close the Chamber President asked if I would consider heading up a new committee and so I am now serving as Chair of The Health and Wellness Committee.

Formed in January. We have now met several times to consider the wide range of activities that we could undertake to advance an effort to promote our county as one of the healthiest places in the US to live and work. This goal is both a marketing effort that we believe will attract people and talent to our region as well as an effort to encourage greater collaboration among groups to actually increase and improve workplace and community health and wellness activities and impact. The council has identified over 50 different initiatives and programs as possible way for leading the way to achieve this goal.

The council is comprised of nearly 90 members now from a wide array of backgrounds from chiropractic, to massage therapy, fitness trainers, restaurant owners, doctors and many other "like-minded" business owners and managers.

Some of the initiatives we have implemented or are working on are as follows:

*Designate June as National Employee Wellness Month in Saratoga County and promote Chamber members across the county that organize wellness programs to participate in this program.

*Utilize the existing Chamber programs to increase awareness of employee wellness opportunities from Health Panel Breakfast Mixer to Networking Walking Evening Mixers .

  • Create a county wide "Health and Wellness Week" modeled after Restaurant Week to promote the wide array of Chamber members that offer health and wellness services and products.

*Design, create, print and distribute a Health and Wellness Guide for December 2014/January 2015 to showcase all Chamber members that provide health and wellness services and products much like the Chamber's dining guide promotes restaurants.

*Initiate a crowd-sourcing effort to nominate our county for consideration by Outside Magazine as one of the Best Places in America to be Health

How does this apply to my life as an optician/business owner?

It all goes back to my strong belief that "people like to go to who they know!" This has been my most effective marketing tool for over twenty years. Being community involved and picking things that I am passionate about and therefore love being involved with, always bring me new business.a win-win!

We are also participating in the Wellness in the Workplace month by setting individual employee goals and helping each other to meet them. We are exhibiting at a Health and Wellness Mixer this week and will also participate as a staff in a one mile walk together, which will then be promoted by our Chamber for free.

Consider becoming involved or leading a wellness incentive in your community, it is a natural fit for what we do and it will connect you with an amazing network of referrals!