My impression of BluTech Lenses

About a year ago I attended a seminar titled, The Science of Blue Light Clinic  Strategies to Protect your Patients, presented by Valerie Manso. By far, it was the most informative and interesting class. I especially enjoyed it when she shared study results from various accredited colleges and doctors.  It also didn't hurt that Valerie Manso is a very engaging speaker.  

We reviewed that Blue Light Spectrum is 400nm-500nm and comes naturally from the sun. What I learned was when blue light hits our pineal gland it then tells our brain to stop making melatonin which helps us to stay awake. As a child, my main source of blue light was mister golden sun. Sun goes down, blue light gone and I slept like a log.

Since then, new technology has increased a variety of ways. We are now being exposed to more blue light than ever. We get Blue Light from fluorescent lighting, LED lights, Flat Screen television, computers, notebooks, tablets and smartphones.

Over exposure to blue light can create issues from glare, visual strain or fatigue to disrupted sleep and diminished quality of sleep and may also contribute to macular damage. Most Optometrists will recommend patients to put the tablets and phones away at least an hour before bedtime. 

I have been wearing my BluTech Lenses for six months and I can say my eye fatigue and headaches have been noticeably reduced. I love them. The lens tint has a tan to golden color and I don't even notice it when I have them on. 

I am educating and recommending this lens to everyone! ( How could you order if you didn't even know it was on the menu. I would want anyone left out on knowing what's happening in the world around them.) My directive is to inform patients not to scare them. It could very well be just what they need