The heat is on

Over the years i have worked with quite a variety of frame warmers. Pictured top right is the frame  warmer I used when I first entered the industry. Different offices would fill the Hot Box with either small glass beads or pickling salt. Although this works, I thought it was easier to damage a frame. 

It was a sad day when our Hilco GFC had to be laid to rest. (Bottom left) We used two GFC warmers that both died within weeks of each other so change was inevitable. 

Before the big purchased we used the Economy Frame warmer pictured top left. It's very streamline and light but didn't get warm enough to use shrink tubing for repairs so it wasn't a good fit for daily use. I am going to take it with me when I occasionally travel to patients. 

So the decision was made and we acquired the Hilco Tempmaster. A very sweet machine. Great adjustable heat with wide design for easy sharing in a busy office. (bottom right). 

What's warming your temples?