Frames Materials 101

On Monday I am giving a hands on presentation to a half a dozen Ophthalmic Assistant students, from the local technical college. The topic is on Frame materials, Types and Parts. What a great opportunity for me to refresh and review. 

After receiving the course itinerary I did some research and dug through our inventory for the hands on learning experience. The materials listed were:

  • Cellulose Acetate - also known as Zyl and is mostly what is in our inventory. 
  • Nylon- which is a stiff material good for sports
  • Aluminum- A highly corrosive - resistant metal but less durable than others too
  • Metal -Which includes Titanium, Stainless Steel or basic Monel, nickel and copper combination are the metals we handle most. 
  • Carbon Fiber- A very strong, flexible and expensive plastic material. 
  • Propionate- In the Zyl family that has high sensitivity to heat and can stretch out of shape.
  • And last on the list was Polyflex and I will confess I have not heard of nor could I find any information on Polyflex. When I consulted with colleges I got the same response. 

In return I would like to add two materials, that i feel are worth mentioning to the list. 
First i would like to give a big shout out to the Silhouette Company and their SPX material. It's a featherweight polyamide material that is incredibly light and flexible. I think Silhouette hasalways produced outstanding quality frames. 

The other material I find just amazing is TR-90 and we have excellent examples of this material. A huge seller is the frame named Legend from Best Image. And we recently added the Aspire line from Clearvision. I think Aspire is a great addition and gives very clean and colorful plastics a new spin. Both companies use the material and unique fashion work well. 
Class starts Monday.