Anniversary Time

I really enjoy filling out my self evaluation before my annual review, said NO ONE EVER. 

My turn is just around the corner and I am looking forward to my self evaluation and review like a cavity search. Since I transferred to a larger site, it has  been a good year of growth for me, so I have some fresh perspective to fill out my forms this year.  I am sure many folks agree, coming up with new annual goals and outstanding achievements isn't as easy as it sounds. Although I have a multitude of examples what I have done right all year I want to accept constructive criticism and use it  to improve myself. 

The Annual Review is not the time for surprises or to address an issue for the first time. It's been my practice that any  issues or problems are addressed separately from the review. The review is the perfect time evaluate progress on previously addressed item or progress towards a goal. 

I feel fortunate to work in the field of Optics, helping people to see better every day.