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After working in the Madison area for the past 11 years I have gotten to know a few patients, built some relationships and watched a few families grow as they spent time with me updating and maintaining their eyewear. I really look forward to hearing their stories and being a positive part of their lives. People can be so fun!! 

This past week I was bamboozled. Someone stole 7 pair of non-Rx sunglasses at one time when they stopped in for a repair. Thank heavens for the solid evidence video cameras provide. Technology! 

This experience has really shaken up a cornucopia of feelings and thoughts for me. I am angry. Stealing while waiting for a free adjustment and nose pads. Classy! Not to mention how stealing really hurts the office bottom line and truly has an effect on office production. Which is a fancy way of saying it's harder to get a bonus. 

Feelings of inadequacy which slide into stupid. I mean really, after working with the public for over 27 years I thought I knew people. Which brings me to distrustful. This experience has made me question how can I do a better job with theft prevention. In this instance we can change logistics. All folks will wait in the common waiting area, with the front desk receptionist, for a repair, leaving fewer folks unattended. 

My intended take away, from this blog/ rant, is to encourage other opticians to review their own office theft prevention opportunities and pitfalls. 

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.
— Benjamin Franklin