Full Moon Friday

I am dispensing a pair reading glasses to a patient as he proceeds to hand me an identical pair of glasses and asks me to adjust them. As i am inspecting them. Sizing up the damages he tells me he bought this second pair after he lost the pair I was holding in my hands. I asked "where did you find them". Down the toilet. (Insert poker face here). He took the toilet apart and retrieved them. Now seriously in 27 years of adjusting peoples glasses I had NEVER heard that before. I've gotten the dog chewed my glasses or i was babysitting my grand children or they slid off my lap and i stepped on them, ran them over or completely lost them. Oh and the ever popular, i sat on my glasses. In which case to lighten the mood and get a bit of a chuckle i love to respond "good thing you were wearing them at the time". They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time, it works every time. I digress. I love working with the public. Happy Full Moon Friday!