Instant Popularity

A month before celebrating my tenth anniversary, with my employer, I transfered to leading one of the busiest Optical Departments within the company. My new Office shares a four story building with one of the largest multiple specialty Ophthalmology practises. There is an onsite Surgery Center which serves an eclectic range of cases including Corneal transplants, Strabismus treatments and a Pediatric Ophthalmology Department. The busier daily pace, unique patient cases and larger staff have given me a perfect opportunity to grown and sharpen skills that had been stagnant. I have applied more Fresnel prisms in the past three months than I had in the past twenty seven of my Optical career. The basics still apply. Be honest, treat folks like I would want to be treated and practice active listening skills, with employees and patients. The growth i am experiencing is a little painful but it's good for me so I am working on embracing it. I found bringing doughnuts helps perpetuate a warm reception with employees.