National Nose Pad Appreciation Month

It was a quiet Monday and I was feeling mischievous. I called our lab’s customer service to inquired how their company intended on celebrating National Nose Pad Appreciation Month, as it was only weeks away. The customer service person was at a loss. She transferred me to her supervisor who then politely responded that he was uncertain on protocol, but would to get back to me ASAP. That supervisor contacted their supervisor and so on until the query reached the President of the lab. Two weeks went by and all the Optical managers attended the lab’s Optical convention. After convention classes were finished everyone met in the main room where the President of the lab would address the attendees and raffle off prizes before dinner. He welcomed the audience and started to tell the tale of my National Nose Pad Appreciation Month shenanigans and how it followed up the ranks until it stumped him. Then he introduced me, as the prankster, and handed me the microphone asking me to explain myself to the crowd and I said “Well although this company makes light of my National Nose pad Appreciation Month holiday I will be very interested to see what they do for Temple Tip Awareness Week."