A Tribute to my Mentors

In honor of Father’s Day, I would like to talk about my father and grandfather who were both opticians in the Pacific Northwest. Their combined careers spanned from the 1940’s up until six years ago when my father retired from working for me. In my grandfather’s time, eyewear was very simple, he kept less than 100 frames in his store. He also didn’t have to compete with discount optical retailers and online sales, though I’m sure there were other challenges of his day. Additionally, a lot of the optical stores of that period did in-house edging and fabrication, a tradition I still keep alive today, but with some major technological advances. Even though the products, technology and manufacturers have all evolved throughout the years, one thing remains the same, which is the importance of quality customer service. I proudly display these portraits in my store to showcase my mentors and the three generations of opticians from my family (the photo of me - on the right - was taken in 1997 shortly after I opened my own store).