Why I am still in this business

I started out working at Optiks when I was in the Optemetric Technician program at Indiana University and haven't left. I was lucky enough to have a wonderful boss in Dr. Hawkins who started the practice in fall of 1994. He was a great mentor in the field and in life. I continue to use his values and foundation to keep Optiks going in the right direction.
We established a successful unique practice at Optiks and became more of a family than co workers. Patients could see that and felt the family vibe which made them feel they  were part of a something, cared for and not just a number. We get to know our patients on a personal level which makes and keeps that connection that builds trust.
I have never sold a pair of glasses and we don't go on commisson. I educate every patient about the best products and what that means to them in their every day lives. This takes time which I gladly give. This also builds loyal patients and great relationships in the community.
We are always changing, growing and thinking outside the box which is what keeps my work life interesting and fresh. I love my job and our patients.
Thought for the day:
Do you feel excited going to work? If not, what can you do to change that?