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Moving Day

The day has come for me to say goodbye to my life by the beach and the little optical I’ve been working at for the last 2 years. It’s a bitter sweet feeling. I’m completely overwhelmed with moving, job hunting, and looking for a replacement for myself. I’ve even started to have nightmares. 

I’ve known the move was coming but the closer I get the scary it becomes.

I’ve recently started to go on job interviews and that itself is stressful. I know I am qualified, have amazing references, and I’m very personable but I’m just nervous about starting somewhere new. I think the thought of being out of comfort zone scares me.

With that being said, I am excited to be moving closer to my family and friends. I’m thankful for having such an amazing support system that helps me through these scary life moments. I look forward to sharing my journey with you! 

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