MODO “Buy a Frame Give a Frame”

When I was searching last month for a metal frame line that would complement our mid-end plastic frame lines I stumbled upon this amazing company called MODO! Starting 1990 as a small company in New York City, they have evolved into a company that designs multiple brands. What caught my eye about MODO is their paper thin titaniums weighing in at just 6.8 grams. Not only are they super thin, light, and flexible but they also have a beautiful collection colors to choose from. What’s also intriguing about MODO is their continuing dedication to a program they call “Buy a Frame Give a Frame”. When you buy a frame they donate a frame to those in need as part of the World Health Organization Vision 2020 initiative. One of their other brands called Eco that also has a similar motto “one frame - one tree”. Eco’s frames are produced with recycled content or biobased materials. A tree is planted for every frame sold. I highly recommend checking out this company, our patients love them!!!