The Baffler

Have you ever had of of these - "I can read better with my old glasses"? I'm sure you have but have you had it with the same RX, lenses and frame? And they are are not bifocals.

Frustration, confusion, doubt, etc. were feelings of my abilities that had gone through my mind with this long time customer. Maybe one of you can help return my self confidence and sanity.

Old RX from 2007:

+2.75 Sph             5.5 Prism Base Down - 4 Base Curve
+3.25 -1.00 x 1705.5 Prism Base Down - 4 Base Curve

Lens material SV non-aspheric 1.60 Transitions grey w AR.

2014 Mr. Baffler came in to get new glasses since his lenses and frames are pretty well worn, his only pair. The AR coating is peeling and overall not great to see through. He is of the age to need a reading add but can still read well with what he is wearing. His Optometrist is a yoked prism or relieving prism prescriber. He is up to 5.5 base down OU at this point. He likes his Silhouettes and we stay with the same shape and size, a 48 eye cornered rectangle which he has been wearing since 1999. He wears them high and out, about a 16mm vertex distance. Doesn't look great and technically not ideal from a text book standpoint but he likes them that way.

So, I make a new pair using the same RX and 1.67 Trans Grey aspheric SV AR coated lenses which were previously unavailable 7 years ago. The lenses are thinner than his current lenses, look great and I dispense the new pair. Mr. Baffler comes back a week later and is having a hard time adjusting to them especially reading. When he looks down to read it is blurry. I do some frame adjusting to match his old pair exactly and ask him to try them again. He returns again with the same issues. Ok, these new lenses are on a 3 base curve, aspheric and different material but otherwise measure exact as the old. It could be the base or the material. It is not often that I have this issue with material but it can happen. So, I decide to change the material back to 1.60 and 4.00 base curve so I can cover both possibilities. I change the lenses and check fit again and he seems to be fine at distance but the reading is still blurry. He decides to go back to his Optometrist. He comes back a week or two later with a note from the Doctor. "Rx is as filled but PD reads 70 and patients distance PD is 65." Ok, fair enough but not sure why that would have anything to do with the reading being blurry especially when we occlude each eye nor do I think the Doctor will have any answers to this dilemma since it is the same RX. I check the PD in the glasses and also dot his pupils as I would for a progressive with a penlight. The PD in the glasses reads 66 as do the penlight dots. Vertically the OC is on center as well. Not sure how the Doctor is reading 70mm from these lenses. He has been wearing 66mm PD in his glasses for over 20 years and these match his old pair exactly. This is where even a long time customer can start to distrust you. So that being said, even though I believe there is nothing with the lenses that could be causing any issues, I tell him I will remake lenses once again. This time I order a non-aspheric 1.60 Trans grey SV on a 4.00 base which is exactly what he has in the old lenses. After check check and double check I dispense the these lenses. Wait for it... He still sees much clearer for reading with his old lenses. It is hard to believe this when you consider the poor condition of the old glasses, so my only conclusion is that the deteriorating coating on his lenses is some how enabling him to focus better at near. Since 1999 he has been wearing the same shape and frame and I have made new lenses for him without issues. I have no answers other than he needs a reading add. Since he sees fine with his current glasses how do you tell him otherwise. The new ones are exactly the same as the old and no, the customer is not crazy or wacky. Anybody experience this before?