Labs - Private vs Public, Quality vs Price - What's love got to do with it?

I love the labs that I use. You can't see it but I have a big grin on my face. No, not the nice kind. The kind like you can't tell if I'm serious or not. Consistency consistency that's the priority. In my 27 years I found that all labs are very consistent. There will always be a job that takes weeks to get. There will always be a job that arrives incorrect or has a defect. There will always be credits I have to chase after. Private or public owned it does not matter. Higher price lower price it does not matter. I get the same results all the way around. I like to deal with privately owned labs. You may think there's a tradeoff from lower price compared to higher priced lenses. I don't believe in that. Lenses are lenses and should be exact to Rx and free of surface anomalies.  Lens material and coating quality/durability is the subject of another blog. Thankfully these consistencies are few and far between, a least with the labs I use, otherwise I move onto another lab. That being said, I received a call from Peter at Identity Optical. I always have an ear for motivated individuals seeking prosperity. It was his lucky day. I'm sure he wasn't expecting a grilling that day. If you want my business you better have knowledge equal or more than mine, know your products, know your pricing and be quick about it. I'm a stickler, perfectionist and short on time. He was quick and knowledgeable and gained my business. Communication is key and Peter scores well there too. So far, excellent products and service from Identity Optical. Incoming sales calls can be annoying but they're worth the opportunity of finding a diamond in the rough. It's worth checking out these guys.