Returning Customer

Thinking back to the good old days when lens options were few for those strong RXs and anything above an 8 diopter would limit frame selection. I'm glad lenses have come as far as they have in the way of cosmetic satisfaction and stock lens availability. This customer wears contacts most of the day and her previous pair was 11 years old. They were -10.25 and 1.60 index made to order. Due to costs a 1.67 index was not chosen. Her new lenses are 1.74 Index w AR stock lenses by Lab Tech. Total power -12.00 at 180 for a 49 eye decentered 1.5 mm. Costing less than 11 years ago and cosmetically the best choice at this time, she was a happy returning customer. With stock powers up to -15.00 it is gratifying to have these available today. Now if they could only make them smell like roses when edging, it would keep me from having to explain to customers why my office smells weird!

Aside: I still don't get why in this day and age Diopter and Decentered are still not recognized in Spell Check. Really?