Just when you think you've experienced it all

After 27 years I still get surprised. When someone brings me a prescription I analyze it against the previous prescription. Many of my long term customers come in and ask me to look at the prescription to see if it needs to be changed. Sometimes I will throw lenses overtop their current eyeglasses to see if the change is worth the expense. In the case of a new eyeglass wearer I will do a similar evaluation in order to warrant the need for the eyeglasses, if it's a very mild prescription for example. Some quick simple questions. Is this your 1st pair of eyeglasses? Are you having any difficulties now and if so what are they? If it's a distance prescription I will have them look at my chart and see how far down they can read. This way you can tell how they will benefit from their new script.

Well that backfired on me today. I was blindsided. A young couple walks in. They were in their mid twenties. They hand me the prescription and I look at it and it's very mild. Could be a 50/50 on whether or not he will benefit from it or that he will even wear it? I have a similar prescription and very rarely use it. I asked 3 questions. Is this your 1st pair of glasses? I comment that it's very mild. I ask "what kind of difficulties are you having right now?" Then I ask "take a look at my chart How far down can you read?" He tears the prescription out of my hand turns around and says how rude I am and storms out the door, wife following briskly. Hence the picture of the door. Not sure what his previous experience was if any at a different establishment but I could not help wondering. Was I rude? I'm known for doing these kinds of evaluations because it saves the customer money in the end. That's how I get return customers because they trust me and they will come back for a new pair when it warrants it. This ended up being antitrust. Oh well, these things will happen. Anyone else had a similar experience?