Breakage only occurring with my customers

Don't you love to hear that from your rep. "I haven't heard or had any issues from my other accounts regarding breakage on these." I've been selling these styles since their inception 1998. They keep making improvements hence the two types pictured. Did I forget to mention the price increase along with that. They make more improvements and I make more warranty replacement claims. The top style may last 1 - 3 years and breaks mostly in the same location. Apparently it happens to my account and nobody else. The bottom style is the new thicker and better design. This broke within 3 months. I really should be honest here and say that the Rep did say they had some issues with that previous line so that is why they made the new ones thicker and better. Now the original first generation of these were up to par with any quality frame on the market and I don't remember having as many issues. What do I think? I think manufacture for less and charge more regardless of quality. This could be an outrageous idea since I'm a rare account that has these issues. Or maybe I sell so many and that is why my percentage of returns are so numerous? Now they have made their return policy very strict, difficult and time consuming. Sounds like an insurance company to me (ok we are not going there right now.) I am to provide the ORIGINAL invoice and the replacement invoice and contact my Rep for a Return Authorization. So I have to prove that it is no more than 2 years old to fall within the warranty period. I have to pay $6.95 to get the replacement part and it costs me $5.65 to send it back to them. I have to take a risk of possibly scratching the lens and a time consuming task of dismounting and mounting the new part. All to keep the customer happy with their quality high cost frame purchase which reflects on my establishment. The latest style has not even been out there but a year and I have to prove that I'm within the warranty period? Am I the only one with a beef about this? How many of you guys have this same dilemma? Please chime in.