SEEK the Opternative Eye Exam

And so we did! After following this new technology, which offers a refraction while using your laptop, desktop, and smart phone, SEEK EYE CARE, LLC took the opportunity to give it a go.
The exam which lasts 30 minutes, and in its' current release is for the millenial 18-40 demographic. But not to worry, the 41-60 crowd is slated for invitation early 2016. 
My rx results from Opternative, which were refracted to 20/20, you see me wearing. I am a hyperastig that has always enjoyed seeing the envelope swept away, not just moved.
The consumer experience for myself and new patients to SEEK are simply thrilled. Not because of cost (spec rx $40 or both with contact lens rx $60) but because for independents, it allows us an opportunity to market the availability of eye exams.....without the investment of stands and phoropters or the forever and tomorrow search for an OD or MD who give more than 2 days of coverage.

Disruptive technology that brings playing fields more evenly and gives patients more freedom and choice, is what SEEK is about.

SEEK a better way, SEEK an idea that helps both small business and community, SEEK to deliver effective services that advance the eyecare industry, and finally be a part of redesigning the status quo.

Welcome to the vision care of infinity and ...........

Peter Slapnicher3 Comments