Be The Bridge To Other Artists

It has been said that the "art" of opticianry is one with multiple facets. I am a firm believer that what we do "daily" as "opticians" (no pun intended) requires creativity, interpretation, and fearlessness. Gaining the trust of clients to believe in your "art", allows you to frame a masterpiece with each individual.

We here at SEEK EYE CARE, LLC, couple with local artists to feature many mediums of art, generally for six weeks. This has helped create a gallery type setting, while showcasing and selling local artists creations, and giving them a showroom, they may not otherwise have. It shows our desire for community involvement and love of art from many sources, be it pottery, oil on canvas, acrylic, etc.

How can we grow and evolve our passion for our occupation you may ask? Consider why you do what you do, and how you could do it better, differently, or more consistently.  

When we give and share our passion humbly and with sincerity, we shall receive three fold that same passion. Remember what we give we shall get. Allow only the best to be given, one individual at a time.