The Beach Ball Theory

Imagine your company, your team as a beach ball. You are standing on top of the ball in the purple section. You live purple, all your decisions are strongly based on purple. You have some understanding of yellow and orange because they are your neighboring partners. From where you are standing, the blue, red and green sections of your company are invisible. Yet, to function as a whole, all the different segments, purple, orange and yellow, blue, red and green need to participate in and color your business strategies. This is where Feedback comes in. Only with proper feedback can you in your purple section understand how your purple attitude and behavior affect the rest of the team. The purpose of feedback is to provide information that will allow you to make adjustments to your current action plan for better future results.
Giving and receiving feedback is a learned skill. Before we move forward, consider this:

Before you tell me how to do it better, before you lay out your big plans for changing, fixing, and improving me, 

before you teach me how to pick myself up and dust myself off so that I can be shiny and successful – know this: 

I’ve heard it before.

I’ve been graded, rated, and ranked. Coached, screened, and scored. I’ve been picked first, picked last, and not picked at all. 

And that was just in kindergarten.